2 Best WWE Heel Wrestlers Who Will NEVER Be WORLD CHAMPION Again.

2 Best WWE Heel Wrestlers  Who Will NEVER Be WORLD CHAMPION Again.

This is damn true that WWE heel wrestlers are always better holders of WWE championships than the company’s babyface.
Although Heal’s character is intended to gain more audience boo, Yet they connect well with fans.

Here is the two Best Heel of the WWE Who can never be world champion again..

#The A-Lister “MIZ”

The A lister Miz
Image Credit-WWE

When The A-lister Miz first debuted, Then everyone thought that this Avg looking guy would not be able to do much in WWE but after

1 WWE Championship,

8 Intercontinental Championships,

2 United States Championships, and

8 Tag Team Championships

later, The Miz showed everyone just why he is “Awesome”. He is one of the best Heel wrestlers in WWE ever.

The A-Lister Miz
Image Credit-WWE

With his best mic skills, The Miz won his first WWE world title back in 2010 when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on Randy Orton.

However, his world title reign was never taken seriously by Vince and he became the champion only for a short time to get his name included in the history book of WWE just a “Paper Champion”.

WWE has always used him as a mid-card which has always been WWE’s first choice in making his top stars, he has always been focusing his efforts on other commitments as well as making the Intercontinental title the most prestigious title in the WWE.

It seems that now he is not going to get any chance from WWE to become WWE Champion.

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The Showoff Dolph Ziggler

The showoff Dolph ziggler

The Showoff starts his career in WWE as Kerwin White’s caddy driver and being part of a male cheerleading group known as “The Spirit Squad”, from the start Dolph Ziggler proved how good he is at converting every storyline he did in WWE into an A-One promo. Here are his championship Belts list

2 Time World Heavyweight Champion

6 Time Intercontinental Champion

2 Time The United States Champion

2 Time Raw Tag Team Champion

Despite his first title reign only lasting a matter of minutes, Ziggler continued to steal the show every night and that eventually reached into the top of his career when he captured his second world heavyweight championship in 2013 after cashing in his Money in the Bank contract.

“The Spirit Squad”

Ziggler hasn’t touched world championship gold ever since or even reached the top of the WWE ladder again. Instead, he has now turned himself into a living meme.

Now it seems that WWE is not in the mood to give him any storylines for the WWE Championship title.

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