WWE News- The Big Show on his WWE Return.

WWE News- The Big Show on his WWE Return.

Here is WWE news of the giant Big Show.

In WrestleMania 36 we saw the legendary Monster of company The Big Show return to challenge new champion drew McIntyre immediately after the drew had beaten Brock Lesnar to win the WWE title.

Big Show go to McIntyre into accepting the match and went on to dominate in whole match before McIntyre was able to hit the Claymore kick for the win.

Now The Big Show has admitted he has no hesitation and continuing to perform live for WWE during the current pandemic.

In an interview with TMZ Big Show said he felt he cared WWE was taking to ensure everyone’s safety was enough for him to continue performing and this comes after someone within WWE tested positive covid 19.

Reports say Big show returns on WWE for promoting his Netflix Show but fans will happy if they see him performing on a regular basis. But given his age, it is difficult to say how long he will be able to perform now.

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