AEW’s Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes Teases Mike Tyson’s AEW Debut.

Here is some huge news regarding AEW, as the company may soon be working with The King of Boxing ring, the Legendary, the Greatest boxer of all time Mike Tyson.

Recently, the WWE Hall of Famer tweeted that he was back, and despite being 53, Tyson remains in great shape, meaning a return to the ring is a possibility.

After this message from Mike Tyson, AEW posted a photo of him with Brandi Rhodes backstage at Dynamite Double or Nothing, seemingly teasing a cameo appearance on Dynamite.

And in social media we can also see AEW star Chris Jerico with The Mike Tyson.

Chris Jerico with The Mike Tyson
Image Credit-AEW

AEW’s Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes also teased working with the Boxing legend, as he responded to an ESPN Ringside video of Mike announcing his comeback, signaling that he is watching Tyson closely.

Tyson, of course, is no stranger to wrestling, Considering the fact that Tyson has appeared in WWE on numerous time in the past, as he worked with WWE in early 1998, appearing as the guest enforcer for the WrestleMania 14 main event between Stone Cold and Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, and even served as the guest host of Monday Night RAW, many years later.

Fans will have to wait and see whether Tyson does appear for AEW, as even one appearance by the Boxing King on Dynamite, would get the relatively new show some major mainstream exposure.

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