AEW’s Member Revealed Why Drew McIntyre’s First WWE Run Was not so Impressive.

AEW’s Member Revealed Why Drew McIntyre’s First WWE Run Was not so Impressive.

The Current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is on the peak of his career, as the Scottish Superstar is having a huge push as of late, which won’t be ending anytime soon. According to WrestleTalk, the WWE Champion’s demeanor, both on-screen and backstage, has impressed officials, as they reported:

“WWE management has been so impressed with Drew McIntyre in recent weeks, that they see him as a main eventer guy for years to come. We’ve been told that his title reign will almost definitely not be a one-off like we’ve seen with Finn Balor, Jinder Mahal, and Kofi Kingston in recent years, so expect to see him at the top of the card for the foreseeable future.”

It should be noted that Finn Balor’s reign as Universal Champion only ended after one day due to an unexpected injury, and we’re not quite sure what the company would have done had he not been required to forfeit the title.

nobody knows when exactly McIntyre’s reign with the WWE Championship will come to an end, but it’s
clear that the company has big plans for the Scotsman, and fans shouldn’t expect this World title reign to be Drew’s last, as he became a champion by defeating the company’s most dangerous man, Brock Lesnar.

if the company is winning you in front of Broke Lesnar, that means it is planning something very big for you.

Speaking of the Scottish man WWE Champion, one man who has followed his career closely is AEW’s, Arn Anderson, who discussed the Over the Limit 2010 Pay Per View on his podcast.

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During that event, McIntyre battled Kofi Kingston over the Intercontinental Champion, and Arn discussed how he always thought Kofi Kingston had potential, but described Drew’s lean, ripped physique as ‘peculiar’. He said:

“It was almost a distraction. When you look at him now in that mature big rugged look that he has? He looked
like a first stage bodybuilder that was ready for a show back then, you know? And I would tell him, ‘Drew you have gotten too lean’ and he was trying to do what he thought the boss Vince liked.”

The former WWE agent added that the Chosen One was far too much pressure for the young McIntyre, and speculated that this was the reason his first WWE run was fell flat.

Whatever the reason, McIntyre is clearly doing much better now, as it turns out the boss Vince McMahon’s 2009 claims of the Chosen One is a future World Champion were right all along.

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