Brodie Lee shares his Experience in WWE on Talk is Jericho.

Brodie Lee shares his Experience in WWE on Talk is Jericho.

Brodie Lee has certainly made a big impression in his short time with the AEW, After debuting on last week’s show, the former Luke Harper won his debut match this week, and also sat down with Chris Jericho for the Talk is Jericho podcast.

Speaking about his WWE tenure, Lee revealed that he pitched various ideas to Vince McMahon, but the boss wouldn’t bite. He said:

“I’m very much into serial killer, so I wanted to collect something from each person I would beat. The problem became, I wasn’t beating anybody. I also wanted to be a smart monster, an intelligent monster, where I could speak like I do in an intelligent way and break my opponents down in a way that I Wasnt doing in the Wyatt family. Having the same matches I was having and look the same, but also intelligent. Almost like Bruiser Brody.”

Though the idea of an intelligent Harper could have been interesting, it never happened, as the former Intercontinental Champion spent his WWE tenure as the strong silent type, almost always as part of a team or group.

Now with his own flock in AEW, it’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for Lee, as he’s finally able to share his creative side with the fans.

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