Current AEW Champion Jon Moxley makes a Cameo on WWE Backstage!

Current AEW Champion Jon Moxley makes a Cameo on WWE Backstage!

Here some news from WWE Backstage show, as it wasn’t too long ago that current AEW World Champion Jon Moxley popped on the show to say hello with his wife Renee Young, and while everybody on the show had a snicker, that behind the stage in WWE didn’t discover it so entertaining.

Whilst speaking to PW Insider Elite, Jon Moxley was asked if his wife got heat from WWE over his appearance, furthermore, he said the short answer was Yes, however, didn’t broadly explain and didn’t go into much detail afterwards.

The former WWE Champion Dean Ambrose hasn’t had made any appearances on Backstage since then, whilst his wife Young continues to host the show each week, and even had a rare appearance on the latest Friday Night SmackDown. 

the Former Shield Member now enjoys his current reputation in AEW and fans also cheer him up in Jon Moxley Role, his career also looks better in AEW than in WWE. But AEW also has a fairly big roster of big names, so it is difficult to say how long Moxley will dominate in AEW.

Now time will tell what AEW will do with this energtic former WWE Shield mamber in future.

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