Curt Hawkins’ Pregnant Wife Slams WWE For Her Husband’s Surprise Release.

Curt Hawkins’ Pregnant Wife Slams WWE For Her Husband’s Surprise Release.

Here is some more unfortunate news from the recent WWE releases now, as Curt Hawkins was additionally cut from the organization and this couldn’t come at the very least time for the previous Tag Team Champion.

In a blog, Hawkins’ wife Lizzie wrote about how she broke down in tears after the feared call from WWE came,
mentioning that it was just one week prior that the company wanted him to fly to Orlando for Monday Night RAW.

“Why do I feel helpless? For starters, I am 30 weeks pregnant. It’s not the most satisfying feeling when your husband loses his job and you don’t have one for you both to fall back on. I always said the past year, if I needed to get back into work I could and would get back into my field(thinking like 4-5 years if his contract didn’t renew), not expecting him to lose his job when I’m 2 months away from having our child let alone during a pandemic. Though I don’t regret my time at home, I do feel guilt and anxiety about the decision I made last year with a new baby on the way but this is something I just have to deal with right now.”

We can only hope things turn around for Hawkins, Lizzie, and their daughter McKenzie and their baby on the way, as
being pregnant at a time like this certainly adds another layer of complication to this worrying situation.

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