Drew McIntyre Journey in WWE: From Loser to Face of Company and STUNNING PLANS After Wrestlemania 36

Drew McIntyre Journey in WWE: From Loser to Face of Company and STUNNING PLANS After Wrestlemania 36

The New monster in town the Royal Rumble 2020 Winner Drew McIntyre is all set for face The Beast at the show of shows Wrestlemania.

So In this article, we Highlight his journey in WWE and his low and High Time in WWE.

Drew McIntyre is off to a great start in 2020 Ever since his return to the wwe a few years ago, McIntyre has really stepped it up It wasn’t too long ago that Drew was a part of a comedy faction with 3MB and many fans assumed he wouldn’t be able to recover from being in that group, but he definitely did After getting released.

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Drew worked as hard as he could until wwe finally took notice of him again and brought him back Drew won the NXT championship and had quite the run in NXT.

He then came over to the main roster where things were a little quiet for him at first, but he continued to pick up momentum That leads us to the 2020 royal rumble match where he surprisingly picked up the win.

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Drew was already set to face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania regardless of the royal rumble results, but the fact that he did actually win the rumble match is just another huge win for him and added even more momentum Roman Reigns was highly expected to win the royal rumble match but the decision was made at the last second to switch things up and give Drew the win, which ended up being the right call.

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Royal Rumble win just adds even more depth and tells a great story for Drew McIntyre and his return arc from being fired to returning and headlining Wrestlemania, that’s quite the unique story and career for a wwe superstar.

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Drew vs Brock Lesnar is rumored to be the main event of the night and close out the show, However, nothing is set in stone and wwe will often change plans an hour or so before shows, but for the time being, the Drew and Lesnar match is expected to go on last as far as the result goes, it’s expected that Drew will come out on top and defeat Brock Lesnar It doesn’t really make any sense for Brock to retain his title here and it just seems like Drew is in the better position to win.

Brock Lesnar is still one of WWE’s biggest attractions, but when he’s champion, it does hurt the title and WWE’s overall momentum just a little.

With Brock Lesnar as champion, raw often has to go a few months without its champion being on tv, which could just be devastating for ratings. And when Brock is at raw, he just stands in the middle of the ring for a few minutes and disappears again after that.

So it’s just really hard to build around a situation like that But with Drew picking up the title and actually having the wwe champion on raw every week, it could spark new life for the title Reports are claiming that wwe already have plans set for Drew’s wwe title run.

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Telling from years past, Brock usually goes away after mania and comes back near Summerslam But one of the challenges for Drew is reportedly Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins will be stepping up as number one contender and entering a long feud with Drew, Seth vs Drew definitely sounds like a great match and throw in all of the other interesting elements like the fact that Seth has 3 guys in his corner

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The fact that it’ll be 4 on 1 with Seth’s entire group helping him during the feud, sets up quite the challenge for Drew And it’ll be interesting to see how the newly crown wwe champion can beat the odds when he’s outnumbered that badly Assuming Drew is able to defeat Rollins,

Bobby Lashley could fit the role of being that next heel challenger.

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As far as Brock Lesnar goes, wwe could always set up another huge match between Brock Lesnar and Drew for Summerslam However, it all comes down to Wrestlemania and what happens at that event.

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