Full details of Jeff Hardy Hit and Run Case -Sheamus Is Innocent!, The Big Superstar is behind it.

Full details of Jeff Hardy Hit and Run Case -Sheamus Is Innocent!, The Big Superstar is behind it.

The biggest and suspense-filled storyline in WWE at the current time is Jeff Hardy and Sheamu’s storyline. So today we’ll be taking an in-depth look at this current storyline Let’s take a look at how all this started.

Sheamus and Jeff Hardy both made their big returns this year Both Sheamus and Jeff were dealing with some huge injuries and making big returns on Blue Brand Smackdown, Sheamus returned and quickly turned heel to pick up right where he left off at.

Sheamus’ original plans were to take out everyone that he didn’t see fit for Smackdown. There was a point where Sheamus focused on guys like Gable and really tried to take them out Sheamus was competing in matches with local talent and quickly securing the easiest wins, However, Sheamus couldn’t help but notice that everyone kept talking about Jeff Hardy and his return.

WWE even did a little mini-documentary series that they aired on Smackdown leading up to Jeff’s return and this really got on Sheamus’s nerves.

He wanted everyone to stop talking about Jeff Hardy. There were even some weeks where it looked like Sheamus was about to get physical with Micheal Cole because Michael Cole kept mentioning Jeff.

Week after week Michael Cole would always talk about Jeff Hardy’s return after one of Sheamus’ matches, so it got to the point that Sheamus heard enough about Jeff This would, of course, lead to Jeff Hardy making a big return to confront Sheamus.

They went back and forth and attacked each other a few times, but other than the fact that Sheamus was annoyed that they kept talking about Jeff, there wasn’t much story to the feud other than that But their story did reach a new level with the entire car crash hit and run scene.

The scene was made to incriminate Jeff Hardy as being responsible for the hit and run. Whoever set Jeff up had a lot of time incriminate him.

They put the Bottle in his car to make it look like Jeff was drinking and of course, there was the paper work that said the car belonged to Jeff Hardy, Then besides that, we had Elias who was on the floor and wasn’t moving at all, it was clear that Elias was most likely the most affected individual here So even though it’s meant to look like Jeff Hardy hit Elias with the car then got out the car to try to flee the scene, that doesn’t seem to be what actually happened here.

Jeff Hardy was found several feet away from the car, that’s something we know for sure and something that they clearly showed that week on Blue Brand However, it’s not really clear how Jeff got all the way over there by the side fence if his car was in front of the parking lot That’s a little hard to read and know exactly what happened there.

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So let’s switch over to these eyewitnesses and what they said happened The eyewitnesses’ reports automatically put Jeff Hardy in the clear.

They said that Jeff Hardy wasn’t the one that caused the hit and run, that there was another car involved in the scene The witnesses say that the individual that caused the hit and run took off running in all black clothing and no one could really make out how it was.

After that, Jeff Hardy is Arrested, but it’s clear that whatever happened fully took out Elias But Jeff was so shocked when he saw Elias, so that makes it clear that Jeff didn’t know about what happened to Elias before he actually saw him at that moment that he was being put in police car Jeff comes out later that night and attacks Sheamus to close out Smackdown.

Jeff Hardy comes out the following week to announce that he was found innocent and that upon further review of the eyewitnesses reports, they said that the individual that did the hit and run had red hair Now this is where the story gets a little inconsistent for everyone.

The week before that it was being said that the individual behind the hit and run was covered in all black clothing, black hoodie, black pants, and that no one saw who it was So I’m thinking whoever did this to Jeff Hardy is smart and they obviously had their face completely covered and that’s why no one could give any real descriptions of who it was.

That makes perfect sense and shows that the person was smart enough to cover up who they were, but now fast forward the following week and Jeff Hardy is saying that the witnesses all saw red hair, so which one is it? Was he all covered up or did they actually see his face and red hair? That part bothered us a bit because if someone is gonna pull something like this off and not hide their identity then that’s just a pretty dumb move on their part.

All those witnesses there and you’re just gonna have your face out after they just saw you do the hit and run? If that’s the case then this superstar clearly isn’t the brightest. But Jeff Hardy is thinking “red hair, its gotta be Sheamus”, so now the story deepens and now Jeff actually has a reason to go after Sheamus with some vengeance He believes Sheamus tried to end his career, take away his livelihood, not to mention that Elias is also out of action for a long time because of this accident In reality, Elias is actually dealing with a big injury so he will be missing several months of action.

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This was just a way to fully write him off TV and it was a great move because it instantly gives Elias a storyline when he returns. Elias is clearly going to be on the hunt to find out who did this to him when he’s cleared to return, so it does have a feeling of being a more long term storyline based of that alone But Jeff Hardy is fully convinced that it was Sheamus and wants to go after him.

But here’s where the big story turning questions comes into play, did Sheamus actually do it? This is up for debate right now, Sheamus has obviously denied the accusations of him being behind the hit and run.

Even though Sheamus is a sneaky heel and cant be trusted, I can’t help but actually believe him when he says that he didn’t do it, and here’s why As of this current moment, there’s no actual evidence that Sheamus did it.

Now in reality, obviously the performance center should have some sort of camera that could show us the whole thing and answer all the questions, but that’s way too easy, so it’s probably gonna continue as a mystery But it just feels like if Sheamus actually did this, he would’ve been rubbing it Jeff Hardy’s face, not denying and hiding from the truth Another thing we talked about right after this situation happened was how Sheamus was already backstage in his full ring attire at the same time of the hit and run, so unless he changed extremely fast, it couldn’t have been him WWE is stressing the clue and hint of “redhair”.

That’s what they keep saying and even though Sheamus fits that description, it just seems like it was meant to mislead us into thinking it was Sheamus It looks like this could be building up to a huge reveal that it actually wasn’t Sheamus, Sheamus is innocent and it’s a returning superstar that is actually behind everything So this “red hair” thing is important because it really narrows down the list of possibilities.

For everyone hoping it’s Big Dog Roman Reigns or someone big like that, unfortunately, it won’t be because the red hair description automatically removed a lot of people from the list of possibilities So whose left? Who can possibly be behind the hit and run? let’s look through the list of red head superstars and pick out some suspects WWE’s list of red hair superstars included:Becky Lynch, Sheamus, Murphy, Curt Hawkins, Gentleman Jack Gallagher, Sami Zayn, Erick Rowan, Eric Young, Heath Slater, and Pete Dunne So that’s the list of red hair suspects.

Of course, this list was released by WWE earlier this year and some of those superstars have been released, so that’s another issue that shrinks that list down once again It seems that the prime suspect right now is Sami Zayn and he fits into the story perfectly Sami Zayn was recently stripped of the intercontinental championship and didn’t really have any say in that decision.

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We haven’t even seen Sami in a while now, so who knows what the character is going through with the loss of his title Maybe Sami Zayn was filled with rage so he went over the performance center and took out his anger and frustration with WWE by pulling off this hit and run on some Smackdown superstars It’s probably what Sami Zayn did to make himself feel better and get back at WWE for stripping him off the title, that’s a theory going on right now.

Honestly, if it’s not gonna be Sheamus then Sami really is the only possibility that’s left Another possible solution to this mystery is the usage of the Smackdown Hacker We haven’t talked about the Smackdown hacker in weeks because they just went dark out of nowhere.

He no longer makes appearances on Smackdown and his last twitter post-May 28th, which was several weeks ago. We haven’t seen this much silence from the smackdown hacker in a long time Many fans were wondering if the character was being dropped because of this long disappearance, but reports claim that the Smackdown hacker character is still unfolding and has plans If anything, I think the Smackdown hacker’s silence is actually quite scary.

If he’s posting the same little clip every week then we’re gonna get burnt out of him and it won’t be the same anymore, but have him disappear for a while, make us forget about him, and then bring him right back with a big reveal and that will be insanely impactful.

That could be what’s actually happening here. Maybe the hacker has gone away because a big reveal is on the way with this situation. The hacker can manage the camera, so what if he has to footage of the hit and run? The hacker can really expose someone to being behind the situation.

Maybe it was Sheamus and hacker is getting so sick of his lies that he’s just gonna expose the truth for this situation? That is a possibility as well WWE seems to really be sticking to the “redhair” description, but none of the witnesses have actually pointed Sheamus out as the culprit here, so it seems that another big reveal is on the way.

What are your thoughts on this situation and who do you think could be the big return here? Leave your comments.

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