Matt Riddle called up to WWE’s Main Roster set to Depart from Gold Brand NXT.

Matt Riddle called up to WWE’s Main Roster set to Depart from Gold Brand NXT.

Here is the News from Gold Brand NXT, and given that Matt Riddle recently lost the NXT Tag Team titles, it seems the King of Bros isn’t going to be on the NXT brand for much longer.

In his Daily Update, Dave Meltzer explained Matt Riddle’s situation, saying:

Matt Riddle’s main roster debut right now is scheduled to be imminent, so his cage match with Timothy Thatcher could either be his blow-off or lead to it.

Matt Riddle’s upcoming cage fight with Timothy Thatcher, which will be officiated by The Kurt Angle is likely to be brutal, but it might also serve as a send-off for the King of Bros.

With that said, it’s no secret that WWE higher-ups have had a problem with Matt Riddle, who has spoken openly about that, as this all makes for an interesting situation.

Former World Champion Kurt Angle has already been announced as the special guest referee for this Cage Fight and it’s clear that the stakes are high.

Matt Riddle signed with WWE earlier in 2018 after impressing on the independent circuit and UfC. He did fantastic run in UFC where he was on a five-fight win streak before being released due to a second failed drug test.

Everyone is aware of his war with Brock Lesnar and Goldberg on social media and in this year’s Royal Rumble he is eliminated by Baron Corbin lead him to Debut in Blue Brand.

Brock Lesnar and Matt Riddle
Image Credit-WWE

There have been plans to move Matt Riddle to Blue Brand Smackdown since before WrestleMania 36, but those plans were put on hold for some reason.

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It is also expected that Riddle will work his last NXT match during Wednesday’s Gold Brand episode.

Let’s see what WWE backstage will plan for his main roster debut and his future. Fans will expect him to be involved in future fights with Brock Lesnar or Goldberg.

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