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Bad News Barrett Return to WWE and Sign One Year Deal With WWE.

On the August 26 episode of NXT, viewers saw Wade Barrett returning to WWE TV…

ByByreykumar2517th September 2020

What happen with WWE Hacker Storyline? Smackdown Hacker Storyline CANCELLED For Tragic Reason…

it’s the news that we all feared would happen eventually, but it seems that the…

ByByreykumar2524th June 2020

Seth Rollins Mixed Personality Secret! Theory Behind Heel Seth Rollins Vs Face Seth Rollins.

In this Blog we’ll be taking a look at some interesting things going on with…

ByByreykumar2520th June 2020

Full details of Jeff Hardy Hit and Run Case -Sheamus Is Innocent!, The Big Superstar is behind it.

The biggest and suspense-filled storyline in WWE at the current time is Jeff Hardy and…

ByByreykumar2519th June 2020

WWE Backlash 2020 Highlights.

Show start with the kickoff show united states champion Apollo Crews retained his title against…

ByByreykumar2516th June 2020

WWE News-Another Jeff Hardy’s Controversial segment ready, RKO vs Blackheart on Social Media.

Another Controversial Jeff Hardy segment revelved. Image Credit-WWE Here is your WWE News from Blue…

ByByreykumar2512th June 2020
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