WWE News-Ricochet Addresses His Recent Bad Booking in WWE.

WWE News-Ricochet Addresses His Recent Bad Booking in WWE.

WWE’s Own Superman Ricochet has continued to address his bad booking in WWE. After amazing fans with his skills in NXT, though he never captured the NXT title, the high-flyer was brought up to RAW, where he won the United States Championship.

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After quickly losing the title, Ricochet’s push disappeared as well, and now the popular Superstar has seemingly addressed his bad booking on Twitter.a reference to his recent bad booking, as Ricochet believes he’ll bounce back from it.

We’ll have to see what’s next for Ricochet but it looks like he’s not going to let a few weeks of bad booking get him down for too long.

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While appearing on WWE Backstage, AJ Styles commented on the recent dropped pushes for Ricochet and Cedric Alexander, saying:

“I see these guys on their way up and just because you’re on the downturn doesn’t mean you’re not gonna come back up. We just gotta wait for our turn sometimes — even in WWE you just gotta be like, ‘Okay it’s not my turn, it’s somebody else’s I just gotta wait and do the best with what I got.’”

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In the end, it is up to Vince McMahon to decide who gets pushed and who gets forgotten in WWE, and hopefully, both Ricochet and Cedric will be able to bounceback from their recent slump, as Styles is clearly confident that things aren’t over for them just yet.

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