WWE champion Brock Lesnar is now a part of Marvel Universe

WWE champion Brock Lesnar is now a part of Marvel Universe

WWE Champion The Beast incarnate Brock Lesnar is a part-time superstar and as the part-time Superstar he has to appear on TV from time to time, but this time he has not appeared on WWE TV. Though Lesnar did not appear on RAW this week, the Beast’s name did get a mention in the Marvel Comic Avengers #31 issue.

During the story, Tony Stark would up in prehistoric times after discovering a fossilized Iron Man helmet, and though he was left to fight ancient versions of his avenger’s teammates, this didn’t stop the cocky superhero from busting out some quips.

In his insults of the stone-age- superheroes, Stark says how Ghost Rider Suffaluffagus and Brock Lesnar Starband are one thing but refused to lose to an ancient version of Thor, who he described as the God of Thunder’s daddy.

Whilst fans didn’t get to see Lesnar physically appear in the comic, it’s still a cool reference, and it may be just a matter of time before the Beast incarnate takes Iron Man, Captain America and the rest of the Avengers to Suplex City.

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