Seth Rollins Mixed Personality Secret! Theory Behind Heel Seth Rollins Vs Face Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins Mixed Personality Secret! Theory Behind Heel Seth Rollins Vs Face Seth Rollins.

In this Blog we’ll be taking a look at some interesting things going on with Seth Rollins and his character right now for the past few years, Fans see him in various mode.

He debut to main roster with shield mode and and till now he played various character in WWE and fans always appreciate his hard work behind every mode he played.

Seth Rollins was one of the top babyfaces on the roster.

He was the main event talent and even defeated Brock Lesnar for the universal championship. Everything seemed to be going well for Seth until the Bray Wyatt feud happened, Seth lost the title to Bray Wyatt and as Seth even said himself, it was just all downhill from there.

Seth was still a babyface, but the live crowds started to turn on him and boo him So WWE was forced to turn Seth Rollins heel.

Seth aligned himself with the A.O.P. and that’s when we got out the first glimpse at the new heel Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins referred to himself as the “Monday Night Messiah”. He believed that he was Raw’s true leader and that everyone should follow him.

Seth Rollins already had the A.O.P. and Murphy by his Seth really thought he had something special going on there Remember on one episode of Raw, we even got a reveal of a heel referee that was also a follower of Seth Rollins and his new group, so everything was running smoothly.

We continued to get more of this normal heel Rollins until the money in the bank, Seth Rollins had his eyes set on winning the WWE title from Drew McIntyre and really believed that there wasn’t even a chance that he’ll lose that match against Drew.

Well Seth did lose that match and that loss seemed to have sparked something within him After the money in the bank match, Drew McIntyre gave props to Seth Rollins for really giving it all he had and we even saw Seth and Drew shake hands at the end of the title match.

Of course, heels would never shake a babyface’s hand like that at all, so when we all saw that handshake by Seth Rollins, we were wondering if we’ll be seeing babyface Seth Rollins make his return turns out.

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Seth’s current state could be way deeper than we all think let’s take a look at Seth Rollins’s overall appearance and behavior on the raw after money in the bank.

Seth Rollins came out with the messy hair look and he has completely zoned out A perfect comparison that comes to mind is Festus. Festus? I think you guys will remember that character??

remember the Festus,
Image Credit-WWE

Festus was Luke Gallows’ first character in the WWE and to sum it up, festus was zoned out at all times and didn’t react to anything, but once the bell rang, he swapped modes That’s sort of what we saw with Seth Rollins, but it was something much different that triggered him to swap modes.

Seth came out on Raw, got on the apron and just stood there without moving a single muscle and was just staring into the ground, It was originally a tag team match, but as the commentators pointed out, it was like a 2 on 1 match for Murphy because he couldn’t tag in this spaced-out version of Seth Rollins.

Eventually, Rey Mysterio gets a cheap hit on Rollins and this finally causes Seth Rollins to snap out of it and finally show some signs of life, but the problem was that Seth snapped harder than ever before.

Seth Rollins completely took out Rey Mysterio by using that steel staircase on his face and left Rey completely destroyed. The camera follows Seth Rollins up the ramp and he just had that look on his face tells us that this was a new side to Seth Rollins and definitely not someone you would wanna mess with.

Seth Rollins in Messy Hair Look
Image Owner-WWE

Here’s where things get a bit interesting and make us really think.

WWE released a backstage segment where Rey Mysterio is the back getting medical attention from WWE doctors. Seth Rollins shows up and he’s acting completely different from how we last saw him in the ring.He sounded apologetic and looked like he was there to really check on how Rey was doing.

Just telling by his tone of voice and how concerned Seth sounded, it really was like babyface Seth Rollins was talking. He was acting nothing like the monster that we just saw take out Rey Mysterio at ringside, so that brings us to this latest Seth Rollins theory. What if that money in the bank loss affected Seth so much that he’s suffering and dealing with multiple personalities in one episode of Raw alone, we really saw three sides of Seth Rollins.

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We saw the zoned out muted version, then we saw the absolute monster version, then we saw the calm and almost babyface-like version of Seth Rollins. So it’s very scary, yet really interesting for Seth’s character.

One thing that comes to mind was how Kane handled his multiple personalities gimmicks a while back Dating back to a few years ago, Kane was dealing with multiple personalities as well. Kane was playing the corporate Kane role which really was a nice and sweet guy to everyone, even nice to his rivals.

Image Credit-WWE

But at the same time, Kane was instantly switching to his Monster side which was just vicious and laid out everyone in sight, and when you confronted corporate Kane about Monster Kane’s actions, Kane would say that he didn’t have any idea what you were talking about it only lasted for a few weeks, but it was really interesting to see Kane work with two personalities and constantly switch back and forth between the two.

Let’s get back into the story of Seth, we do have Bray Wyatt who’s continuing to do the multiple personalities sort of thing himself, so you really don’t wanna copy too much from bray and overdo it, but it does look like it’ll be interesting for Seth Rollins’ character remember that Seth Rollins also had a feud with The Fiend Bray Wyatt not too long ago and WWE always promotes this idea that getting into the ring with the fiend will really change you and take a toll on you.

So are we finally seeing the effects of Seth Rollins just giving in to that fiend influence? That’s definitely an amazing theory as well. Maybe this monster version of Seth Rollins is his “Fiend” persona and the babyface Seth Rollins is his “Firefly Funhouse” persona, definitely looks like a possibility for Seth Rollins.

That’s just the theory that’s going around and really made this theory seem true was once again that backstage segment with Seth Rollins going to see how Rey Mysterio was doing Seth just viciously destroyed Rey Mysterio during the match, but then he’s gonna go check on him backstage and completely switch his tone to sound concern?

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Something is definitely going on there because that just doesn’t add up and isn’t something we’ll usually see. Some fans are a little iffy on this being what’s actually going on here because how much it mirrors Bray Wyatt’s gimmick.

Bray Wyatt and Fiend Gimmick
Image Credit-WWE

However, Bray Wyatt and The Fiend are portrayed as two separate characters, and that really won’t be the case here for Seth Rollins.

Seth isn’t turning into a whole different character like the way Bray does, it looks like Seth just has a drastic mood and attitude changes. So yeah, that could be similar to Bray Wyatt, but at the same time, it is a little different, so it can still work.

Before his heel turn, Seth’s character kind of lost direction and purpose. The heel turn definitely pushed Seth in the proper direction, but if he really adds this mixed personality gimmick on top of everything then that’ll really send him over the top.

His character will definitely be really interesting once again. It’ll keep us guessing because we don’t know what version of Seth Rollins we’ll be seeing week to week. Will we see the Messiah version of Seth Rollins, the kind Seth Rollins, or that monster version of Seth Rollins that took out Rey Mysterio.

It opens up a lot of potentials and is a breath of fresh air for Seth’s character maybe Seth just becomes so unstable that even superstars are scared because they don’t know what side of Seth will confront them.

The possibilities are absolutely endless here. So what caused this to happen to Seth Rollins? Seth fully convinced himself that he was walking out of money in the bank as WWE Champion, so when the reality hit him that he lost the match, he probably couldn’t handle it.

But we’ll give it a few weeks to see what WWE does with Seth Rollins and then we’ll revisit the story to see what has unfolded.

What are your thoughts on Seth Rollins’s mixed personalities theory? Leave your comments.and if you like this theory then please share it with your friends.

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