What happen with WWE Hacker Storyline? Smackdown Hacker Storyline CANCELLED For Tragic Reason…

What happen with WWE Hacker Storyline? Smackdown Hacker Storyline CANCELLED For Tragic Reason…

it’s the news that we all feared would happen eventually, but it seems that the popular Smackdown Hacker storyline has been fully canceled.

So what led up to its cancellation and why did this happen? We’re gonna touch on everything, so let’s get into it and take a look back towards the start of the year, we started seeing these mysterious messages and symbol stop up on the screen during Smackdown’s broadcast.

It was the words of “The Truth Will be heard” along with a ticking clock and an envelope, WWE Superstars and commentators never acknowledged the messages on-screen and just ignored them WWE would later upload a highlight clip of Smackdown and referred to these Smackdown mystery messages As “glitches”.

So then the question from there on became, “who’s behind the Smackdown glitches?”One of the earlier popular guesses was Karrion Kross and Scarlett.

Karrion Kross and Scarlett were known for using a ticking clock, so everyone thought it could be a teaser for their debut Scarlett even hyped up the theory and twitter and made it look like they were connected with the Smackdown glitches, so a lot of fans were buying into it even though it was a good theory, WWE rarely let’s any new superstar go straight to the main roster.

AJ Styles and Ronda Rousey are probably some of the few superstars that didn’t have to go through NXT before the main roster, a roster that’s the part that threw me off that theory, didn’t make any sense for WWE to bring them both onto the main roster right away, so that was debunked Fans kept looking deep and actually discovered another clue.

This clue was the circular ring of light. Ali was the only superstar to used this same circular ring of light in the past, so he became the next fan-favorite guess for the mysterious new character.

As the months went by, the teasers kept getting larger and we finally got a semi-reveal of the character with the Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville breakup. The WWE hacker spoke for the first time in his disguised voice to interrupt Mandy Rose And Sonya Deville.

The hacker finally put an end to all the Mandy and Sonya drama by showing the truth that Sonya was the evil mastermind behind everything. This was quite the introduction for the character and really set the bar high for him. We see right away just how powerful this character can really be.

He had full access to all the cameras and even had his own hidden cameras, so this character really held the secrets of every Smackdown superstar backstage.

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The Hacker would tease later on that he had access to phone calls, text messages, emails, he literally had the world in his hand. He was pretty much over-powered in a way Basically blackmailing them in a way by letting them know that if they’re not truthful, he’s gonna put out all the dirt he has on them, What an exciting time this was.

The hacker was teasing that things between these superstars was not what it seemed teasing the idea that The New Day, Alexa and Nikki Cross, Bayley and Sasha, The Miz and John Morrison and much more tag teams were all hiding something from each other.

The hype was insane and we were all really eager to find out who was next to get exposed after Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville From there WWE would release three separate videos from the hacker, but each one used a different voice, bringing up the new theory of this being a group with more than one hacker With the removal of the voice disguises, fans were able to recognize the three voice as being Ali, Shorty G (Chad Gable), and Xavier Woods, So that seemed to be our big three for the hacker group.

They created a twitter account and called themselves “The Message”.This also explains why they were using the envelope graphic.The envelope represents the act of delivering a message, so that’s why they went with that sign from there on, the hacker basically did most of his work on twitter.

He posted all of his new teasers over there on twitter in the middle of the week and they would re-air the clips on Smackdown.

The Hacker’s biggest reveal was at money in the bank where he showed his massive room of like 300 screens, living up to the idea that he literally is watching all the superstar. after that, we got one of the last few teasers which was the voice mail.

In the voice mail, we hear a woman talking about how she’s gonna come after superstar that wronged her So we all assumed that we were getting real close to the next reveal.

The Hacker poster his final message on May 28th, showing that he was now watching Raw superstars as well and said “I see your lies”.Since May 28th, we haven’t heard from the hacker at all.

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This long absence was very unlike him.At the least, he would always post something once a week, so the fact that he disappeared for so long had a lot of us worried.

Reports came out that he went missing but will be brought back eventually, but now we’re unfortunately getting a whole new report that says otherwise.

This new report claims that the storylines, as well as the character, has been completely dropped. Absolutely heartbreaking to hear Ali’s WWE profile was recently moved to Raw and that’s what made everyone think that it really is over after all.

Ali was said to be the Smackdown Superstar behind the Hacker persona, so the fact that he’s now being advertised for Raw is bad news for his Hacker character.

Not to mention that Shorty-G also made his return to Smackdown recently and he was rumored to be part of the Hacker group as well, so it’s just all signs that everything was falling apart for the hacker group.

Despite having the hacker character, it looked like Ali wasn’t so pleased with the idea. Ali has been on twitter in recent weeks talking about how he hates to be sitting on the sidelines in the prime of his career.

Ali is 34 years old, it’s not like he’s a 20 year old up-and-coming wrestler, he’s in his mid-30s and just sitting on the sidelines while being perfectly healthy. He feels like the prime of his career is being wasted and he just wants to get back out there again and do what he loves.

Maybe WWE wanted to keep him off TV because he really was the hacker an, but honestly they could’ve done both.

Have Ali come out and wrestle on Smackdown and he can serve as the Smackdown Hacker aswell. Everyone gets want they want, the fans get to see the Hacker story continue and Ali gets to wrestle as well, But that obviously didn’t happen.

It makes you wonder why was the hacker canceled? Was a situation like Emma with the Emmalina character.

It was said that WWE had plans for this character, but Emma didn’t like the persona, so it was canceled. So it makes us think, is that what happened here? Was Ali not a fan of the hacker persona for himself and that’s why WWE cancelled it? It’s a good question to ask.

The thing that bothers me the most is a lack of storyline explanation and acknowledgment of his disappearance. This character has been all over Smackdown for 6 months, bothering and watching superstars and now he’s good and there’s no explanation.

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I see fans on twitter asking for the hacker and asking what happened to him? That’s what I wish WWE would address If you’re gonna abandon the character then give us some closure on his disappearance.

One quick thought I had for this was for one superstar to accidentally come across the hacker’s main working room backstage. Maybe the screens are all unplugged or maybe the room is all cleaned out signifying that he’s gone or maybe he was arrested.

Just give us something to explain why he is just gone all of a sudden. We actually talked about this situation when the hacker is introduced, we said not to get too invested in the character because WWE usually drops things out of nowhere or it’ll be an underwhelming reveal saw one fan say that if it wasn’t someone like CM Punk then it was probably going to be an underwhelming reveal and that’s true.

No doubt WWE was going to ruin the reveal and make it feel flat, that’s what they’re best known for, but it’s all of the missed opportunities with what they could’ve done with the actual hacker that’s unfortunate it’s clear that the hacker’s only purpose wasn’t to just reveal Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville’s drama.

It’s clear by his teasers that he had a list of targets and was going after them one by, so to see all those potential stories get canceled is just a horrible feeling.

The hacker was getting ready to possibly expose that woman in the voicemail, but instead we get nothing and it’s unfortunate because the hacker opened up the door to so many different possible reveals.

Instead of a tag team generically breaking up, we could’ve got reveals from the hacker such as Mandy and Sonya’s that really would’ve had a unique feel to it It’s going to be a month without a single work with the hacker and with Ali now being moved to Raw, I’m losing hope for the Hacker character and really believe the reports that it’s over.

I would love to be wrong, I would love to see the hacker return with some insane out of this world reveal, but I just don’t see it happening. One of the most interesting stories in the WWE has just been scrapped.

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