WWE Backlash 2020 Highlights.

WWE Backlash 2020 Highlights.

Show start with the kickoff show united states champion Apollo Crews retained his title against Andrade thanks to interference by Kevin Owens who had been providing commentary.

With the kickoff over the company open backlash with a promo for the greatest wrestling match ever complete with music from the greatest showman before the Triple Threat opener for the WWE’s women’s tag team titles in an entertaining opener that’s all all three teams compete at the same time it was the champs who retained their title after the boss pinned Peyton Royce following twisted bliss.

Next, Jeff Hardy took on Sheamus and although the appointed crowd gave Hardy a chant that sounded more like a cult that wasn’t enough for the charismatic enigmain a finish matching Jeff’s very real past, it was Hardy’s high-risk personality that cost him as the tide from the barricade saw the former world champion met with a Brogue Kick and the decisive three count for Sheamus.

Next fans saw the raw Women’s Champion Asuka retain her title though not the way she wanted as both she and Nia Jax were counted out and after a final post match shot by the Empress fans can expect these two to collide again presumably at next month’s Extreme Rules.

Before the next match could even start The Miz and John Morrison presented the new music video all about Braun Strowman where they claimed that strowman used to wet the bed smelled like cheese and they even claimed the monster among men wore crocs angered at being accused of such a fashion faux pas.

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Strowman was in a physical mood and after the dirt sheet duo were informed that only one of them could be universal champion this proved to be crucial in the final moments of the match in whole match The dirt sheet dominating but in last Strowman recover and get the win by pinning Morrison and whilst Otis had teased cashing in money in the bank earlier that night Braun Strowman walked out of backlash still Universal Champion.

before the next match fans got a special appearance from the brand new Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles who promised a special celebration on this Friday’s edition of SmackDown on Fox.

Next the WWE Championship was on the line and the Challenger Bobby Lashley got an extra advantage locking in the Full Nelson on drew McIntyre before the match even began ever.

The champion McIntyre agreed to the match though a nasty-looking takedown outside the ring that looked more like Lashley drops drew on his head and neck certainly had fans questioning why WWE would keep the Botches in the pre-taped pay-per-view, a spear countered into a Kimura lock gave fans a reminder of who McIntyre defeated to win the title in the first place and whilst drew may have retained the Title following a distraction from Lana.

we doubt this feud is anywhere from over.

Next raw tag team championships were set to be defended between the street profits and the Viking Raiders and whilst the match was a late minute addition the company once again used cinematic filming for the contest.

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starting in the parking lot where braun strowman’s car was trashed once again the brawl saw everything from axes and shields to golf clubs to even a bowling ball be used in a Sean.

We also see a gang of ninjas asthe Raiders and the profits put their differences a side to save their own skin but ran for the hills when a ninja who fans quickly speculated to be Shaquille O’Neal showed up with the brawl once again between the champions and the challengers the four some would end up in the garbage container.

Fans will certainly remember this unique encounterand.

In our main event WWE made some major announcements as they flat-out told fans that the contest between edge and Randy Orton would be presented in a way unlike anything else given the moniker of the greatest wrestling match ever it was only fair that the company used the greatest ring announcer ever as the voice of Howard Finkel post humously introduced the two former world champions the old school theme continued with senior referee Charles Robinson dressed in the classic official blue shirt and bow tie and a piped in crowd provided a much grander feel to the event.

As the match continued fans online started to turn on the main event criticizing it as too long much like their encounter at WrestleMania as part of their unique showcase the WWE also used unique camera angles including one situated on turnbuckles.

which saw the duo kick out of plenty of finishers even the moves of other stars like Christian, Triple H’s pedigree and even the Brahma Bull’s rock bottom.

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With so many finishers being countered and kicked out of it was ultimately a low blow that changed the direction of the match and after the rarely seen and previously banned punt kick by Orton, the Viper got the win ending the show with a simple message to edge go home and tell Beth Phoenix and his daughters uncle Randy says hello.

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