WWE CEO Vince McMahon Changed his View on AEW?

WWE CEO Vince McMahon Changed his View on AEW?

Here is news from AEW now, as WWE CEO Vince McMahon has reportedly changed his view on the company.

After the releases, Brad Shepard explains [a source reached out to him to give some insight into the Boss’ mindset], saying that Vince and the company are learning to not be so worried that Superstars will go to AEW if WWE releases them.

He Explained:

“A lot of the talent cuts are not shocking. The bubble was due to burst soon on some of this. We’ve been retaining a lot of performers strictly because of the PERCEIVED threat of them going to AEW.”

The source went on to say that the company had made their mind up about some stars, such as EC3, months ago, and the former Impact wrestling star has already released a video, showing that he and fellow other released stars have no plans of slowing down, even if they don’t end up in AEW or Other big Promotions.

If this source is right then it’s good news for those wrestlers who not find themselves fit in the company storyline and the company also creates their better squad no one can be Wasted by each other..that That’s a really good mindset that company tries to opted.

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