WWE News-Another Jeff Hardy’s Controversial segment ready, RKO vs Blackheart on Social Media.

WWE News-Another Jeff Hardy’s Controversial segment ready, RKO vs Blackheart on Social Media.

Another Controversial Jeff Hardy segment revelved.

Image Credit-WWE

Here is your WWE News from Blue Brand SmackDown, as another controversial Jeff Hardy is in the works.

According to some wrestling observes, fans can look forward to seeing a segment hosted by Renee Young, where Jeff Hardy will be confronted by Sheamus, security, and a man in a lab coat.

Referring to Hardy as a junkie, Sheamus demands Jeff Hardy take a drug test ahead of their Backlash PPV match, a test the Irish Superstar claims Hardy will fail, whilst Jeff will admit he does have a problem.

Eventually, the segment will end with Jeff Hardy throwing his urine sample all over his backlash opponent Sheamus, and fans can get ready to see all this go down on the next episode of WWE’s SmackDown.

Vince McMahon not happy with Randy Orton and Tomasso Ciampa’s social media Controversy.


Now here is another controversial WWE news, as Randy Orton and NXT star Tomasso Ciampa recently made some headlines by throwing some barbs on Twitter, though given the report saying the boss Vince McMahon was not happy with this, a match isn’t likely.

Whilst speaking during a teleconference, the Viper said he’ll wrestle Ciampa if Vince wants him to, and also claimed that he could help the talented former NXT Champion get a little more out of his career. He added:

“I know he’s been plagued with injuries, but I also know he loves and respects this business. The NXT guys worry me because I see them doing such highly physical things during their matches, those things are dangerous and they wear and tear on your career.”

Credit- Wrestling Inc for the quote

The 13-time WWE World Champion has been fortunate to have a lengthy career with minimal injuries, something he could hopefully teach to Ciampa, who has been plagued with one injury after another for years.

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It’d be interesting to see which man has more four or five-star matches in WWE, as whilst ratings aren’t everything, they’re a good indication of fan’s opinion.

Ultimately, it’s up to Vince McMahon to decide whether this match happens, though it seems Orton Is ready to teach a thing or two to the Blackheart of NXT.

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