WWE News-Edge opens up about last-minute changes in his last Man Standing match Against RKO.

WWE News-Edge opens up about last-minute changes in his last Man Standing match Against RKO.

WWE is happy that the fans liked their biggest event WrestleMania 36 in the empty arena due to this medical situation.

One match that rocked fans was the last man standing encounter between Rated R superstar Edge and The Viper Randy Orton, though according to the Rated-R Superstar, the match wasn’t what was planned.

Speaking on After the Bell about the 36-minute match, Edge revealed that the time the company filmed their encounter didn’t co-ordinate with the ideas they had, meaning the pair had to call a lot on the fly.

Edge said:

We had to change everything, and that’s truly what you saw, was a 40-minute audible, and I’m proud of that. I’m proud that we, without uttering two words to each other, we’re able to do that.

On the show, Edge spoke about one idea he had planned that didn’t make the cut was filming during sunlight with a drone, as he said:

It had to be a fight, and initially, I had ideas of drones and going on rooftops and again, we’re filming during sunlight so that’s not gonna work so let’s shift focus here. How do we do this? It’s a fight. So that’s what we did.

Though Rated R star spoke a lot about segments that didn’t make the cut, one that surprisingly did was when Randy Orton tried to hang the Rated-R Superstar with some exercise equipment, whilst telling Edge “I love you.”

This angle didn’t go down well with many, who saw it as too similar to the way Chris Benoit ended his own life after murdering his wife and son.

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Fightful Select reports that there are no concerns were raised over the segment, saying:

We haven’t heard of any concerns raised backstage about eliminating certain parts of the Randy Orton Vs. Edge’s last man standing match for concerns of comparisons to the Chris Benoit tragedy.

It should be noted that significantly fewer people saw, knew, or were around to raise those concerns as most of the matches were tight-lipped as is.

It should be noted that WWE kept everything under wraps this year and that those caught leaking information would be fired, but we can’t help but wonder if the same spot had gone ahead if there were more people overlooking the match ahead of time.

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