WWE News Roundup-R Truth has become 24/7 champion again,Nia Jax again Injured Kairi Sane.

WWE News Roundup-R Truth has become 24/7 champion again,Nia Jax again Injured Kairi Sane.

R Truth has become 24/7 champion again.

In this week’s shown R-Truth recapture the 24/7 title in a very unusual way. When 24/7 Champion Rob Gronkowski appeared on RAW to film a viral dance video, behind the NFL star turned out to be Truth, who rolled up Gronk to capture the title after a referee revealed himself.

Gronk certainly didn’t seem too happy to lose the title in such a short segment, but with the title now back on R Truth, we expect plenty more title changes in the near future.

Nia Jax again Injured Kairi Sane.

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On this week’s RAW, we see the match between Kairi Sane and Nia Jax. In this match, the Kabuki Warrior take a nasty bump into the ring steps finally aired.

The match was heavily edited to get around Kairi Sane’s injury, as when Sane hit the steps, the camera cut to the crowd section, and when it went back to the ring, Sane was quickly rolled back in the ring, and pinned by the Nia Jax after a leg drop.

What fans and others didn’t see from the show is that Sane was busted open and bled a lot, leading to match being paused and Sane being tended to.

Though Sane stated she could continue, the fact the WWE had her quickly lose after the bump shows they didn’t make her work too much, and after the match, Kairi took to her social media to show off the cut she suffered.

This just goes to show that accidents can happen at any time and even when WWE are able to minimize the risks and take a lot precaution due to being in a private location, these things can still occur.

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Now, it should be noted that WWE officials have said it was Sane who was in control of the bump when it happened, but that hasn’t stopped fans blaming Nia Jax, who also got into hot water on this week’s Monday Night RAW for a different reason.

During a pre-match promo, Nia Jax criticized the Kabuki Warriors, claiming they’re not real friends and even mocked what she described as their “meme meme Japenese.”Fans online didn’t take kindly to Jax mocking how the two Superstars sound, with some calling it Rac*st, whilst others questioned how the match was heavily edited, but not this.

Clearly, Jax isn’t making any new fans recently, but that won’t stop her challenging for the RAW Women’s Championship against Asuka at Backlash.

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