WWE News Roundup-Title Change Set for Backlash, Jinder Mahal Again Injured.

WWE News Roundup-Title Change Set for Backlash, Jinder Mahal Again Injured.

Huge Title Changes set for Backlash.

Bobby Lashly will be new wwe champion
Image Credit-WWE

Here is news for next Sunday now, as the WWE will present Backlash, and a huge title change at the show may have been revealed.

Fans already know that current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is set to defend his title against The AlMighty Bobby Lashley, but now the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has indicated the fans could expect to see a new Champion or title change.

According to their report, the reason that MVP was put with Bobby Lashley is so that he could act as the All Mighty’s mouthpiece during a world title run, and this idea reportedly comes from RAW’s Executive Director Paul Heyman.

Though this doesn’t necessarily mean that McIntyre will lose the Title this Sunday, it does hint that Bobby Lashley will be winning the title at some point in the future.

One of MVP’s main talking points as Lashley’s mouthpiece is mentioning how long Lashley has worked and waited to become WWE World Champion, and it seems that Lashley’s day in the sun maybe sooner rather than later.

Jinder Mahal Again Injured.

And one bad news from Monday Night RAW roster, as Morden Day Maharaja Jinder Mahal is back on the talking to Instagram, the former WWE Champion revealed that had to undergo another knee operation, but claims that he’ll be back stronger than ever.

The photo was also tagged in Birmingham, Alabama, where several WWE Superstars have gone for surgery over the years.

Jinder Mahal Again Injured
Image Credit-WWE

This is a tough time for the Modern-Day Maharajah, as he returned to the WWE ring in late April, after being out for almost a year with another knee injury.

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Following an impressive victory over Akira Tozawa, there were rumors of Maharaja being in line for a push and possible feud with WWE Champion and his 3MB mate Champion Drew McIntyre, though that obviously won’t be happening now.

Mahal didn’t specify how long he’ll be out of action for, but hopefully, the former World Champion will be able to return to the ring soon, after so long away.

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