WWE News-Surprise Spoiler for Rey Mysterio’s Retirement Ceremony.

WWE News-Surprise Spoiler for Rey Mysterio’s Retirement Ceremony.

We’re next looking ahead to next week’s edition of Monday Night Raw now, as the show may see the return of Dominic Mysterio.

There’s plenty of reasons to believe next week’s show will see Dominic return, as he was specifically name-dropped by Seth Rollins on RAW, and it’ll be the Monday night Messiah who hosts the retirement ceremony for Dominic’s father Rey Mysterio on next week’s show.

In addition to this, it’s been reported that Dominik has quietly deleted his private social media account in recent weeks, which would make sense if he wanted to avoid being accosted by fans online.

Dominik’s friends have also been kept in the dark about his wrestling career lately, which has also been interpreted as a sign of the 23-year-old’s return, as the last thing either he, Rey, or WWE needs is his friends leaking any details.

It’s been reported that Rey’s deal with WWE will expire in a couple of months, and whilst it was already likely he’ll re-sign, having his son join the roster next week would surely seal the deal.

There have also been rumors of Dominik even turning heel to join Seth Rollins’ new stable, and though time will tell whether that actually happens, it would certainly make for an interesting feud for the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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