WWE News-The Nature Boy Ric Flair speaks about His WWE and TNA Incidents.

WWE News-The Nature Boy Ric Flair speaks about His WWE and TNA Incidents.

The Nature Boy Ric Flair recently appeared on the Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions podcast, where he spoke about his 2002 Royal Rumble Street Fight with Vince McMahon.

Admitting that he had some confidence issues stemming from his treatment in WCW, The Former WWE Champion said he felt much better after speaking to Vince before the match, saying:

“The match that Vince (McMahon) and I had at the Rumble in Atalanta. he wanted to wrestle me. Now, think about this – – I go to over and Vince McMahon said I want to talk to you”. This is me – and I am lost and I’m going to wrestle Vince. And he has tears in his eyes. He said ‘I want you to know this is going to be one of the coolest moments of my life in wrestling’. How do you think I’m computing this? When I can’t find myself.”

Vince Mcmahon wasn’t the only star to praise the 16-time World Champion, as Flair also spoke about his son Shane McMahon being thrilled to work with him in Japan.

The Dirtiest Player in the Game has certainly been kept busy, as he also spoke to Wrestling Inc recently, and explained his decision to join TNA.

Speaking about his final match in 2011 where he lost to Sting, Flair was blunt about his reasons for joining, as he said:

“I needed the money. Very simple. I was paying alimony to three women at one time and lawyers. I got bombed as everyone hit me and then the IRS.”

“It’s very simple – like Jim [Ross] said, I needed the money. I would have never have gone there. Even though I got to hang around Kurt Angle and Sting, it was a disaster.”

Though he’s back with WWE, Flair is now 71, so his wrestling career is more than over, though the odds are that when fans think about Ric’s legendary career, TNA won’t be the first company they think of.

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