WWE News-The Queen Charlotte Flair Received Warning from Io Shirai.

WWE News-The Queen  Charlotte Flair Received Warning from Io Shirai.

The new NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair Has attained another achievement in her fantastic WWE career, as she won NXT women’s title in WrestleMania 36 defeating Rhea Ripley.

The Queen Recentaly Received a Challange from #1 Contender Io Shirai.

As the former Women champion Rhea Ripley is not available in current situation and in her absence Shirai won a number one contender’s ladder match on NXT.

The Queen cut a promo on RAW where she promised to humble her challenger when they face, leading Shirai to tweet back, saying that she will be flying above, not bowing down to Flair.

Fans have been left wondering what kind of build we’ll see between the two in the current Global Situation, but expect a lot of promo work between the two, even if they’re not on the same show.

Given that Flair only recently won the title, it’s likely that she will retain when she faces Io Shirai, and many Fans still believe that Rhea Ripley will be back to challenge for the title that she lost at WrestleMania 36.

Whatever the case is, fans can bet that Charlotte Flair and Io Shirai will have a hell of a match when they do finally collide.

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