WWE News-Update on Drew Gulak’s New Deal with WWE.

WWE News-Update on Drew Gulak’s New Deal with WWE.

Here more details have emerged on the new deal of WWE and Drew Gulak’s. As previously reported Drew Gulak and WWE parted ways after the two parties couldn’t agree to a new deal, but not only is he back, but the former Cruiserweight Champion is here to stay.

It’s now being reported that Gulak has signed a multi-year contract with WWE, and though we don’t know how long he’ll be back for exactly, WWE contracts are usually for three to five years.

It was also noted that WWE wasn’t the only company with their eye on the popular Superstar, as it was

“During the week, some people we know had tried to contact him for dates and he turned people down and the word going around was that he clearly had a destination”

(Credit- PWMania)

Now that Gulak has entered into a new contract, he is expected to continue his alliance with Daniel Bryan and remain his tag partner cum coach.

It’s no secret that Gulak received quite the push before his release as part of a tag team with Daniel Bryan, and now fans can expect many more competitive matches from the former Cruiserweight Champion.

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