WWE News-What Lars Sullivan Is doing in his Recovery DAYS?

WWE News-What Lars Sullivan Is doing in his Recovery DAYS?

Here is the news of WWE Monster Lars Sullivan, who fans haven’t seen in quite some time, as Lars Sullivan continues to recover from a knee injury, as well as several controversies outside the ring, including his viral controversial news about his appearance in gay a*ult movies, as well as other past controversial comments.

Even though it may be a long time until fans see the Freak back in the ring, Sullivan is using his time wisely, as he has created a Cameo account, where fans can pay $100 to get a personalized, albeit brief message, from the Man himself.

It won’t be lengthy videos, but he promises to be himself and have fun as he clarified in the introduction video on his page.

“I am here to say that I am really excited to give shout-outs to special people in your lives. I will be myself, have fun, and aim for 15-30 seconds.”

Lars Sullivan isn’t the only wrestler on Cameo, however, as AEW’s Superstar MJF is charging $500 from fans to insult them, and whilst the plans to push Sullivan to the Moon may be a distant memory, the Freak is still keeping relevant, off WWE TV.

WWE fans and production team waiting for Lars’s recovery as they really want to see this monster in action in WWE’s main roster.

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