WWE News- WWE deletes John Cena’s Controversial Promo and Reshoot it.

WWE News- WWE deletes John Cena’s Controversial Promo and Reshoot it.

This year’s WrestleMania is a two-day event and during this show, we will get to see some matches that we may not have seen before.

For the first time ever, WrestleMania has been pre-recorded, meaning WWE can edit out bits they don’t like.

And now fans on Social Media have caught one instance of that already, with WWE removing a controversial John Cena promo from last night’s episode of SmackDown.

Before SmackDown went on air, WWE posted a interview with Kayla Braxton with Cena to their social media channels.

In it, Cena cuts a worked shoot promo, where he calls Wyatt’s Fiend character “Husky Harris in a mask” – a reference to Bray’s first main roster gimmick, one that WWE continuity try to ignore.

Wyatt’s Fiend character “Husky Harris in a mask”
Image Credit-WWE

Here is What Cena said in Promo:

I’m not paying much attention, I don’t know if you heard what I said on SmackDown a few weeks ago. I know The Fiend operates off of fear but I also know that The Fiend is Bray Wyatt, is Husky Harris in a mask. I’m not afraid of The Fiend. The Fiend has been able to manipulate his way into the WWE Universe and establish a presence by getting people to panic. I think if there’s one guy who can face The Fiend, who has faced The Fiend, and Bray Wyatt, and stood up to all of his tactics, psychological manipulations, it’s been me. WrestleMania is gonna be no different. It’s like I told the audience, they know, I have been in a lot of situations at WrestleMania where they anticipate a big back and forth brawl that is gonna leave… that is epic in the annals of WWE history. Bray is gonna get his AS* handed to him .

The promo was then deleted from Company’s social media Plateform, and replaced by another promo.


Cena explained that :

I’m honestly kind of fed up with situations of people who think they are entitled to get chance after chance after chance after chance to succeed. I’m sick of hearing a certain group of WWE superstars walk around and say ‘I deserve this’, or ‘I deserve that’. And maybe Bray’s the first name on that list.”

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