WWE Says No to Events who booking AEW Stars

WWE Says No to Events who booking AEW Stars

The war between AEW and WWE is always in the talk, as the Sports Entertainment Juggernaut doesn’t want their Superstars affiliated with the opposition in any way.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained WWE’s policy to keep Superstars as far away from AEW stars as possible, and now Vince McMahon is forcing event organizers to choose between having AEW stars or WWE Superstars.

He said:

“There is an event called the Big Event in New York on Saturday and Matt Hardy was booked on the convention. Some WWE guys were booked as well. The convention guys were basically told you cannot book anyone from AEW. That’s one of the rules now that if you book a WWE guy anywhere you know baseball game,autograph signing, Wizard World — that nobody from AEW is allowed. That’s just their rule.”

This rule seems to be from WWE’s side of things, as it’s unclear whether AEW cares if their stars are booked at the same events as WWE Superstars. At the Big Event in New York, Matt Hardy was supposed to be appearing but was pulled from the event and replaced by Terry Funk, due to the Broken One’s affiliation with AEW.

Even though Hardy hasn’t debuted on Dynamite this week, seemingly as a way to avoid being pulled from the Big Event, and it’s clear that WWE doesn’t want any of its Superstars being seen with anyone who could possibly be joining AEW.

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