WWE Storyline-Wyatt Family 2.0, Sister Abigail Makes Her Debute To Take Control Of The Fiend, Origin of The Fiend…

WWE Storyline-Wyatt Family 2.0, Sister Abigail Makes Her  Debute To Take Control Of The Fiend, Origin of The Fiend…

Bray Wyatt is the most talented actor in the entire WWE Roster because he tries new things with his character and writes new storylines for himself that give him always a successful run on TV.

Every WWE Fans know how Wyatt started off with Erick Rowan and Luke Harper by his side as the original Wyatt Family. The Wyatt Family, during their starting main roster time, was a dominant and impactful faction, they are the 2nd most famous and dominated faction after The Shield that time.

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The Wyatt Family had some iconic and legendary matches with the shield and others. That entire feud with the shield was probably some of the Wyatt family’s best moments as a team. Bray Wyatt was their leader, showing his team the way, whispering into their ear before matches to give them advice and guide them. Wyatt had such a strong group of superstars with him and the Wyatt character was just such a great leader of men. But over time, his team kept falling apart. And apart from Bray Wyatt, no team member could give an individual impact.

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The original Bray Wyatt character was created by bray himself and he spent so much time working on the character. That’s why the character probably has a deeper origin story than anyone else in the entire roster. Wyatt’s character grew up in a Haunted cabin in the middle of the woods with a few family members. Bray also told the story of how the fiend was some monster that he met in the woods and when he ran back to tell his sister about the monster then sister Abigail replied by saying that the monster was himself. That’s when The fiend bray Wyatt was born.

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However, Bray never mentions his parents being present at this cabin, he just mentions a few siblings and heavily mentions his sister who was named Abigail. Now this Monsturious Sister played the biggest role and had the biggest influence on her younger brother Bray’s life. Considering how twisted bray turned out, it’s safe to assume that he learned those ways and tricks from Abigail and she’s just as twisted, maybe even more twisted than Bray Wyatt. Even though Bray seems like the type of person that isn’t close to anyone and isn’t the lovable kind of person, it does seem that Bray is extremely close to Sister Abigail.

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Bray even named his finisher, sister Abigail, after her as well. But with Bray mentioning and talking about sister Abigail for well over 7 years now, we have never actually seen Abigail at all. The way bray talks about Abigail sometimes makes it seem that she passed away, but there other times where he makes it seem like she’s very well still alive So that just adds more mystery to this strange character in bray Wyatt’s story.

You might have forgotten since it actually fell apart, but we were set to see sister Abigail make her debut in the main roster just a few years ago. During his feud with Finn Balor, Bray Wyatt appeared on the screen and informed Finn that he’ll be taking on sister Abigail at that PPV event. So was WWE going to give us a man vs woman match? The answer is No.

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WWE had Bray Wyatt with a long net or a long hair wig over his face and he was apparently going to wrestle and play the role of sister Abigail himself. However, Bray never got to play the role and this match never gonna be happened because he got injured at that time, causing him to miss the event and Aj Styles replace him in that event and the idea of sister Abigail debut was never heard of again. And it was an amazing thing that this actually didn’t happen, Bray wrestling as Abigail would’ve destroyed all the mystery of the Abigail character and would’ve made her a joke that bray was just dressing up and pretending to be her.

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A better direction with the Abigail character is to actually have her played by a woman and debut her alongside bray. This has been a rumor for years now, but wwe has never made any storyline for Abigail’s character to life.

Over the years, there have been a few rumored names to play Bray’s twisted and dark sister. Paige was the first mentioned to be in the role at one time and more recently, Liv Morgan was a part of many fans theories about playing Abigail as well.

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If Abigail is going to be brought to life, it’s better if it’s played by an entirely new woman wrestler because someone new just adds to all that mystery and suspense for when she first appears on the screen. So after the fiend bray Wyatt starts losing a few matches, Abigail can make her first TV appearance to help motivate the fiend and Inspire him to get back to how dominant he once was.

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WWE can think to recreate the new Wyatt family and this time it would be Wyatt family 2.0 and they can add The third member from the roster and complete their family.

The third member can really be anyone, It could be their old brother Eric Rowan but in our opinion, WWE should go with Daniel Bryan or Demon Finn Balor since they both have the most history with the fiend or Bray Wyatt and Demon Finn Balor have also the undefeated monster streak but there can be one Demon take upper hand so Daniel Brayan is the more comfortable option over Demon Finn Balor.

If superstars were already frightened with just the fiend standing in front of them, imagine how they’ll feel when you got Abigail, Bryan, and The Fiend boxing them in from all sides of the ring It will be the Most Dangerous faction of Demons.

But WWE needs not to copy too much from the undertaker, but if you wanna have Abigail hold some sort of relic that’s important to the fiend and have it serve as his source of power, that could work as well. What you guys think about this new Wyatt family 2.0 storyline idea. Let us know what you think about this specific storyline. Comment below…

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