WWE Updates: Edge signed a huge amount of contract with WWE.

WWE Updates: Edge signed a huge amount of contract with WWE.

The Rated R superstar Edge has been added back to the official WWE roster page and his comeback is highly accepted by the wwe universe as we saw the best response that night when his song played.

Wrestling Observer reported back in October that Edge had negotiated a new WWE contract by playing them against AEW. Now, Alex McCarthy of Talk Sport has revealed the possible details of the WWE contract that Edge recently signed. The report is claiming that the Superstar has signed a 3-year contract worth $3 million per year. That makes for a huge total of $9 million.

Regarding talks with AEW and WWE, it’s being reported by WrestleZone and Pro Wrestling Sheet that Edge began talks with both promotions back in August after stating during a podcast that he could wrestle another match. AEW had actually offered a deal for Edge to join their organization. It was said to be a very serious offer, which included Edge wrestling a quick of matches as well as playing a part of backstage producer.

The Rated R Superstar is in the best shape of his career and at the age of 46 his stamina is superb. At the Royal Rumble we saw some of the best spears from Superstars.
As per the source his contract is said to stipulate that he will be making 25 total appearances, and that he will be paid in full as long as he competes in at least 3 matches each year. He appears to have committed to 5 matches in 2020, with the first having already being fulfilled as he appears total 20 min in Royal rumble 30 man match.

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It will be interesting to see his encounter with Randy Orton and his future rival. WWE will definitely attract the crowd by this move.

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