WWE Updates on AJ Styles Vs The Undertaker Match at WM36.

WWE Updates on AJ Styles Vs The Undertaker Match at WM36.

The Undertaker will return to WWE for WrestleMania this year, as he will take on AJ Styles in what is nothing short of a dream match. Appearing on RAW this week, the Deadman’s new look seemed similar to his times as the American Badass.

According to the Oh You Didn’t Know Patreon, the company had some big plans for the Phenom’s WrestleMania entrance. They said:

“According to a source in WWE, The Undertaker was scheduled to come out on a motorcycle for his Wrestle Mania entrance. This may also allude to The Undertaker ditching his historical look to be the American Bad Ass big Evil character.

Oh You Didn’t Know

It’s not clear if that will still happen with WrestleMania no longer taking place at Raymond James Stadium. With WrestleMania now happening at the Performance Center, it’s highly unlikely that the Deadman will ride to the ring on a motorcycle, but fans should still expect a great match when the Phenom meets the Phenomenal One at WrestleMania.

Whilst both Styles and the Deadman have a big day ahead of them at WrestleMania, Both have a big fan base but in an empty stadium at WWE performance center wwe will hope that fans will support them on TV and on WWE Network.

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