WWE Updates-“Undertaker only has one more match left in him.”

WWE Updates-“Undertaker only has one more match left in him.”

Here is more news regarding The Deadman, who has once again spoken out of character about his incredible career.

Speaking to the Toronto Sun, the Undertaker said that he expects his next WWE match to be his last, and added that it would take something quote “juicy” for him to make it to WrestleMania 37 at all.

Of course, the Demon of Death Valley has had plenty of opportunities to leave before as the recent Last Ride docuseries revealed that he planned to leave the ring behind following his loss to The Big Dog Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33.

Clearly that didn’t happen, as the Phenom competed against The People’s Champ John Cena the following year, wrestled DX at Crown Jewel 2018 and most recently reverted to his American Badass persona to bury The Phenomenal One AJ Styles, and it’s entirely possible his last match will be against the Phenomenal One himself, as a rematch has been teased in recent weeks TV tappings.

Of course, The DeadMan will go down in history as being arguably the greatest character in all of wrestling history, and if Mark Calaway believes he only has one more match left in him, hopefully, it’ll be something fittingly epic to end his incredible career.

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